Recruitment Procedure

  • step1

    Step One

    Companies wishing to visit MNNIT Allahabad for campus placements should fill the Company Registration Form Register

  • step2

    Step Two

    The Training and Placement Department will send you an invitation mail within 24 hrs seeking essential information about the job profile and other relevant details.

  • step3

    Step Three

    The details of your campus visit will be negotiated with the Training and Placements Department and a SPOC will be allotted to you.

  • step4

    Step Four

    Your entire schedule will be managed by the SPOC allotted to you. You can organize your placement session as per your convenience using the facilities available at our campus. Facilities at MNNIT

  • step5

    Step Five

    After the recruitment process, the company will be required to declare the results of the final recruitment either on-campus or through e-mail.

  • step6

    Step Six

    The Company can then send the offer letter within a reasonable span of time.

  • step7

    Step Seven

    The Training and Placement Department also coordinates the signing of offer letters by students, who have been selected, to ensure that they reach the company/organisation as early as possible.